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You are at SINAI Radio, your go-to destination for the uplifting power of the gospel.

Under the expert guidance of Pastor Jean Duret, our station is committed to spreading the transformative message of the gospel to listeners far and wide.

At SINAI, we firmly believe in the life-changing impact of the gospel's teachings. Through a carefully curated selection of gospel music, we create an atmosphere of joy, faith, and inspiration. 

Our programming goes beyond music. Pastor Jean Duret, a revered leader known for his deep spirituality and passion for sharing the Word of God, guides our team of dedicated hosts.

Tune in to SINAI Radio and allow the transformative power of the gospel to touch your heart and soul. 

Friday Nights

Midnight Prayers.


SINAI FM Radio Show,
with Pastor Jean Dure.

Live @ Puissance Inter Radio (WYMM 96.5 FM | 1530 AM)
Sunday Morning

Live @ SINAI TV.

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